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Wahrheit ist etwas das man nicht erfragen kann

sie muss erzwungen werden

mit eiserner Härte

und entschlossenem Willen.


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Tara ist cool

Tara ist geil

Tara hat ein Mantra

das ist Steil


 Prinzessin der Spiegel mit Tara-Mantra

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Kids don't tell mama

don't tell mama of the force

she won't believe you

and throw you out of yor believes

she will try to pry your love away

and make it into a little box which has "kid" written on it

and then she'll tell you all about being a child

and how brutal life is

and then you will know you won't ever have a chance


but luckily there's the rest of the world,

which in time

will get you right back on the track

and lead you to mightyness

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